Custom Dragon Symbol Chinese & Japanese Calligraphy Wall Scroll

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First, about Chinese/Japanese/Asian Dragons...

Chinese Dragon

The dragon as known in Asia is not the wild and almost gruesome creature depicted in the stories of medieval Europe.
Instead, the Chinese dragon is full of wisdom, strength, and goodness. It is said the dragon can be found in the unclimbable mountains, or deep in the unfathomed sea. When active, he can be found in the storm clouds flying high above.
Of course, he is also known as the god of water, so the clouds and sea are home to him.

The dragon can grab lightning with his claws and the roar of a hurricane is really the voice of the dragon.

He is the chief of all scaled animals, and is described in ancient writings this way:
The head of a camel, horns of a deer, eyes of a rabbit, ears of a bull, neck of a snake, belly of a frog, scales of a koi fish (carp), claws of a hawk, and palms of a tiger.

These are the nine "resemblances" of a dragon - one of the reasons that 9 is seen as "the number of the dragon".

The official Romanized Chinese for dragon is "long" but in older English books it's sometimes spelled "lung". Both of these spellings don't tell you the true vowel sound which is really like the English word "oh".

More Dragon Info:

In Chinese culture, the dragon represents power and for many generations, only the emperor could dare to wear the symbol of a dragon on their clothing.

If you hang a dragon calligraphy scroll on your wall, it indicates that you are strong and powerful. A great gift for a corporate executive with a chip on his shoulder - lol.

This is probably the most popular Chinese character for tattoos these days. You'll see it on the shoulders of pro-basketball players, and on the hips of pop star divas. Of course, half of them have no idea what this symbol means, and the other half incorrectly think it directly means "warrior" or "power".

Of course, long before it became a tattoo staple, the mythological dragon roamed the earth - at least in the legends and minds of Asian people.

The history of the dragon is hidden deep in myth and history. Drawings and symbols of this mythological animal can be traced back to prehistoric tribal peoples of China. Evidence of the dragon's importance in Chinese culture can be traced to dragon figures and other artifacts unearthed from the Yin Dynasty (3000 years ago).

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  1. Dragon

  2. Dragon / Emperor Symbol

  3. Blue Dragon / Azure Dragon

  4. Black Dragon

  5. Blue Dragon

  6. Water Dragon / Coiled Dragon

  7. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

  8. Flying Dragon Horse

  9. Dragon Fist

10. The Spirit of the Dragon Horse

11. The Spirit of the Dragon Horse and Power of a Tiger

12. Dragon Lady

13. Dragon and Phoenix

14. Dragon and Phoenix Brings Luck

15. Dragon Spirit

16. The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger

17. Dragon Warrior

18. Earth Dragon

19. Fire Dragon

20. Flying Dragon

21. Golden Dragon

22. Green Dragon / Blue Dragon

23. Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger

24. Little Dragon

25. Red Dragon

26. Red Dragon / Vermillion Dragon

27. Water Dragon / Rain Dragon

28. The Way of the Dragon

29. White Dragon

30. Yellow Dragon

31. Celestial Dragon / Tian Long

32. Dragon Ball Kai

33. Dragon Crane Tiger

34. Celestial Dragon

35. Iron Dragon

36. Dragon Quest

37. Flying Dragon Karate-Do

38. Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts

39. The Five Animals


Year of the Dragon / Zodiac Sign

 ryuu / tatsu
Dragon Scroll

龍 is the character for dragon in Chinese, old Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji.

The dragon is a creature of myth and legend that dominates Chinese, Japanese, and even European folklore. In China, the dragon is the symbol of the Emperor, strength, and power, and the Chinese dragon is known as the god of water.

From the Chinese Zodiac, if you were born in the year of the Dragon, you . . .

Have a strong body and spirit.
Are full of energy.
Have vast goals.
Have a deep level of self-awareness.
Will do whatever you can to “save face.”

See also our Chinese Zodiac or Dragon Calligraphy pages.

Dragon / Emperor Symbol

 ryuu / tatsu
Dragon / Emperor Symbol Scroll

竜 is an alternate form of the dragon.

Still pronounced the same in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

This particular Kanji is often associated as an imperial symbol as well as representing the mythical Asian dragon. You may have seen it on the chest or flag of the emperor in old Japanese and Chinese movies.

Note: I would rate this as a non-universal alternate form. The other dragon character is by far more common, and universally understood.

We strongly recommend symbol of dragon if you are looking for the symbol of dragon.

See Also:  Phoenix | Emperor | King

Blue Dragon / Azure Dragon

 qīng lóng
 sei ryuu
Blue Dragon / Azure Dragon Scroll

青龍 is a scholarly title for “Blue Dragon” or “Azure Dragon.”

You'll find this title used in ancient Chinese literature and astronomy. This dragon has dominion over the eastern sky or eastern heavens. The Azure Dragon is also noted for representing the spring season. Also seen as an auspicious omen.

Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty canonized the five colored dragons as “kings.” The Azure Dragon represents the most compassionate of kings.

In Japanese, this title is known with the same meaning but can also be a given name, Seiryuu or Seiryu.

Note, the first character can be written as 青 OR 靑. Same character, just two ways to write it.

Black Dragon

 hēi lóng
 koku ryuu
Black Dragon Scroll

黒龍 is a generic title for “Black Dragon.”

The first character is black color.
The second means dragon.

Sometimes written as 黑龍 (just a minor variation in the first character).

Black Dragon

 xuān lóng
Black Dragon Scroll

玄龍 is a sophisticated or scholarly way to say “Black Dragon.”

玄龍 is the title you'd expect in ancient Chinese literature.

The first character means black or mysterious.

The second character means dragon.

This black dragon represents a king dwelling in the depths of the mystic waters.

Black Dragon

 mò lóng
Black Dragon Scroll

墨龍 is a cool way to say “Black Dragon.”

墨龍 is literally “Ink Dragon.” The ink part is black Chinese ink, the deepest, darkest ink available for thousands of years.

Blue Dragon

 cāng lóng
Blue Dragon  Scroll

蒼龍 is one of a couple of possible titles for “blue dragon” (occasionally also translated as “green dragon”).

The first character means “deep blue” or “azure.”

The last character is dragon.

Water Dragon / Coiled Dragon

 pān lóng
 han ryuu
Water Dragon / Coiled Dragon Scroll

蟠龍 is sometimes seen as a lower-level of dragon or a dragon that has not-yet-reached its potential.

蟠龍 is often defined as a “lake dragon” that has not ascended to heaven.
Another way to put that is a dragon coiled on the earth, which has not yet ascended to the sky.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

 wò hǔ cáng lóng
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Scroll

臥虎藏龍 is the movie title of the Kung Fu epic that was very popular in the west a few years back.

This is a re-ordering of an ancient Chinese proverb that refers to undiscovered talents.

The movie was one of the most popular Chinese foreign films to ever debut in the USA but received a lukewarm reception in China.

Note: This can be pronounced in Korean, but it's not a commonly used term.

Flying Dragon Horse

 fēi lóng mǎ
 hi ryuu me
Flying Dragon Horse Scroll

飛龍馬 is the title for a “flying dragon-horse.”

This can refer to a mythical beast or, more realistically, a very fast horse at the track.

 lóng quán
Dragon Fist Scroll

龍拳 is a title that literally means “Dragon Fist.”

The Spirit of the Dragon Horse

 lóng mǎ jīng shén
The Spirit of the Dragon Horse Scroll

龍馬精神 is an old proverb that is used to wish someone good health and success combined as a great compliment.

The meaning is “The vigor and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse.” These four characters are often accompanied by four more which mean “...and the power and prestige of the tiger.” Here we are just offering the first part which is considered the short version.

By giving a wall scroll like this to someone, you were either wishing or telling them that they have an amazing quality. There is also a suggestion of good health - at least anyone with the vigor of a dragon horse would seem to also be in good health.

Note: In Japanese, this would be read as the spirit of 坂本龍馬 (Sakamoto_Ryōma), a beloved rebel who help abolish the old Japanese feudal system. This can be confusing, so I am declaring this proverb to be Chinese only.

The Spirit of the Dragon Horse and Power of a Tiger

 lóng mǎ jīng shén hǔ hǔ shēng wēi
The Spirit of the Dragon Horse and Power of a Tiger Scroll

龍馬精神虎虎生威 is an old proverb that is used to wish someone great health and success combined as a great compliment.

The meaning is “The vigor and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse and the power and prestige of the tiger.”

By giving a wall scroll like this to someone, you were either wishing or telling them that they have these qualities. There is also a suggestion of good health - at least anyone with the vigor of a dragon horse would seem to also be in good health.

 lóng nǚ
Dragon Lady Scroll

龍女 is literally “Dragon Lady” or “Dragon Woman.”

Dragon and Phoenix

 lóng fèng
 ryuu hou
Dragon and Phoenix Scroll

龍鳳 is the simplest way to express “Dragon and Phoenix” in Chinese and Japanese.

This title can be used to represent, “The emperor and empress,” or a metaphor for an outstanding personage.

It should be noted that this is most often used as a given name, “Ryuuhou” in Japanese. It may be read more as a name than by meaning in Japanese.

Dragon and Phoenix Brings Luck

 lóng fèng chéng xiáng
Dragon and Phoenix Brings Luck  Scroll

龍鳳呈祥 is often seen at weddings and other celebrations in China.

It suggests that the dragon and phoenix will bring you auspicious tidings.

The first character is a dragon.
The second is a phoenix.
The third is presents or brings.
And the last means auspicious, propitious, or luck.

Throughout China, the dragon and phoenix are symbols of good fortune. You will see these auspicious figures as decorative symbols on everything from buildings, furniture, wedding costumes, and sculptures in public parks to caskets and items used in ceremonies.

Dragon Spirit

 lóng hún
Dragon Spirit Scroll

龍魂 means “Dragon Spirit” or “Dragon Ghost.”

Dragon Spirit

 lóng shén
 ryuu jin
Dragon Spirit Scroll

龍神 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja title that can mean “dragon god,” “dragon king,” or “dragon spirit.”

In the context of Buddhism, this is one of eight kinds of spiritual beings found in Mahāyāna texts.

The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger

 lóng hǔ jīng shén
 ryu ko sei shin
The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger Scroll

龍虎精神 means the spirit of the dragon and tiger.

It speaks to the vitality and vigor that is the nature of these two creatures.

Beyond “spirit,” the last two characters can also mean mind, soul, or heart. Therefore, you can also say this means “Heart of the Dragon and Tiger,” etc.

龍虎精神 is often titled “Ryukoseishin” in many Japanese martial arts.

Dragon Warrior

 lóng wǔ shì
 ryuu bu shi
Dragon Warrior Scroll

龍武士 is a generic title for “Dragon Warrior.”

Just as in English, it's a bit ambiguous. It can mean one who fights against dragons or the title of a warrior himself (imagine a warrior with a dragon symbol on his chest).

Dragon Warrior

 lóng zhàn shì
Dragon Warrior Scroll

龍戰士 is another version of “Dragon Warrior.”

It's still a bit ambiguous. This one reads more like “Dragon Fighter” than “Dragon Warrior.” Perhaps you can also translate this one as “One who fights like a dragon.”

Dragon Warrior

 dòu lóng zhàn shì
Dragon Warrior Scroll

斗龍戰士 or “Dragon Warrior” is specifically one who fights against dragons.

This can also be read as “Dragon Fighter.”

Earth Dragon

 dì lóng
Earth Dragon Scroll

地龍 is the Earth Dragon, king of rivers and seas.

地龍 is sometimes used in Chinese as a nickname for earthworms.

 huǒ lóng
 hi ryuu
Fire Dragon Scroll

火龍 is how to write “Fire Dragon” in Chinese and Japanese Kanji.

This title is used more often in Chinese, a little lesser known in Japanese.

Flying Dragon

Flying Dragon Scroll

螣 is the Chinese character and old Korean Hanja that means “flying dragon.”

Golden Dragon

 jīn lóng
 kin ryuu
Golden Dragon Scroll

金龍 is the Chinese title for Golden Dragon.

The first character means gold, golden, or metal.

The second character is dragon.

This title has the same meaning in Japanese but is used mainly as a given name, Kinryu, or in reference to a certain kind of noodle soup in Japan.

Green Dragon / Blue Dragon

 qīng lóng
 sei ryū
Green Dragon / Blue Dragon Scroll

靑龍 is a title that can mean blue or green dragon.

The first character can mean blue, green, azure, or celadon.

The second character means dragon.

This is mostly a Chinese title (especially in Buddhism). It will be understood but less commonly used in Japanese and Korean.

Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger

Undiscovered persons of exceptional ability

 cáng lóng wò hǔ
Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger Scroll

The meaning of 藏龍臥虎 is that both the tiger and dragon have amazing talents, but if they are out of view, you may not have discovered them.

This old Chinese idiom/proverb is appropriate for someone with an amazing ability that keeps that ability hidden.

You might think this title is in reverse, but actually, this is the original Chinese proverb.
The movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, popularized this alternate version.

Little Dragon

 xiǎo lóng
Little Dragon Scroll

小龍 literally means “little dragon” or “young dragon.”

小龍 is often used as a given name in Chinese.

In fact, Bruce Lee's real given name is “Little Dragon.”

See Also:  Bruce Lee

 chì lóng
Red Dragon Scroll

赤龍 is a generic title for “Red Dragon.”

The first character can mean red, crimson, or scarlet.

The second character is dragon.

Red Dragon / Vermillion Dragon

 zhū lóng
Red Dragon / Vermillion Dragon Scroll

朱龍 is a sophisticated or scholarly way to say “Red Dragon.” 朱龍 is the title you'd expect in ancient Chinese literature.

The first character means red, cinnabar, or vermillion.

The second character means dragon.

It is said that the Vermillion Dragon represents kings that bestow blessings on lakes or bodies of water. This makes more sense in an ancient Chinese context.

Water Dragon / Rain Dragon

 kou ryuu
Water Dragon / Rain Dragon Scroll

蛟龍 is the title for the water dragon is the hornless or scaled dragon. 蛟龍 is the king of all aquatic animals with the ability to control rain and floods.

In Japanese, the rain dragon can represent hidden genius. This dragon's domain is the deep murky water, thus with hidden potential. This can also be the Japanese given name Kouryuu.

The Way of the Dragon

 lóng zhī dào
The Way of the Dragon Scroll

龍之道 is how the way of the dragon is written in Chinese.

龍之道 is not the same as the Chinese movie that was titled in English as “The Way of the Dragon.” 龍之道 is, rather, the literal meaning of the dragon's way. The first character is dragon, the second is a possessive article, and the third character means way or path.

The Way of the Dragon

 měng lóng guò jiāng
The Way of the Dragon Scroll

猛龍過江 is the title of the 1972 movie, “The Way of the Dragon.”

This means “Fierce dragons crossing the river.”
If you want a title that means “way of the dragon,” please see the more accurate 龍之道 3-character title.

White Dragon

 bái lóng
White Dragon Scroll

白龍 is a sophisticated or scholarly way to say “White Dragon.” 白龍 is the title you'd expect in ancient Chinese literature.

The first character means white, pure, or bright.

The second character means dragon.

The White Dragon represents a king who is virtuous and pure.

Yellow Dragon

 huáng lóng
Yellow Dragon Scroll

黃龍 is a sophisticated or scholarly way to say “Yellow Dragon.” 黃龍 is the title you'd expect in ancient Chinese literature.

The first character means yellow.

The second character means dragon.

The Yellow Dragon represents a king that favorably hears all petitions of his subjects.

Note: This title can be the name of Huanglong county in Yan’an, located in Shaanxi province of China.

Celestial Dragon / Tian Long

 tiān lóng
Celestial Dragon / Tian Long Scroll

天龍 can mean Heavenly Dragon (Dragon of Heaven), Sky Dragon, Holy Dragon, Celestial Dragon, or Divine Dragon.

This can be a given name in both China and Japan (天龍 is pronounced Tenryū and sometimes written 天竜 in Japanese).

In an older Buddhist context, this can refer to Brahma, Indra, and the devas, together with the nāgas. It can also refer to celestials and snake spirits.

Dragon Ball Kai

 doragon bouru kai
Dragon Ball Kai Scroll

ドラゴンボール改 is the name for Doragon Bōru Kai (Dragon Ball Revised), a high-definition remastered and recut of the original Dragon Ball Z, released on the 20th anniversary.

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Katakana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Dragon Crane Tiger

 lóng hè hǔ
Dragon Crane Tiger Scroll

龍鶴虎 is Dragon Crane Tiger in Chinese.

Celestial Dragon

 ten ryuu bito
Celestial Dragon Scroll

天竜人 is Celestial Dragon or Tenryūbito in Japanese.

This title is associated with the One Piece Manga/Anime series. This title is also translated in this context as “World Nobles” with the literal meaning “Heavenly Dragon Folk” or “Heaven Dragon Person/People.”

Can also be romanized as Tenryūbito, Tenryūhito, or Tenryūjin.

 tiě lóng
Iron Dragon Scroll

鐵龍 is the title Iron Dragon in Chinese.

Dragon Quest

 yǒng zhě dòu è lóng xì liè
Dragon Quest Scroll

This is the title of the Nintendo Dragon Quest series/game in Chinese.

Flying Dragon Karate-Do

 fēi lóng kòng shǒu dào

 hi ryuu kara te dou
Flying Dragon Karate-Do Scroll

飛龍空手道 is the title Flying Dragon Karate-Do.

Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts

 lóng zhī hún wǔ shù
Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts Scroll

龍之魂武術 is the title Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts in Chinese.

This can also be translated as “Dragon Soul Martial Arts.”

The Five Animals

Dragon Snake Tiger Leopard Crane

 lóng shé hǔ bào hè
 ryuu hebi tora hyou tsuru
The Five Animals Scroll

龍蛇虎豹鶴 is a list of the Chinese characters for the five animals of Shaolin Kung Fu in a comfortable order (meaning that they are in the proper order and will “feel right” to a Chinese person who views this arrangement).

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
ryuu / tatsu
ryu / tatsu
lóng / long2 / longlung
Emperor Symbol
ryuu / tatsu
ryu / tatsu
lóng / long2 / longlung
Blue Dragon
Azure Dragon
青龍 / 靑龍
sei ryuu / seiryuu / sei ryuqīng lóng
qing1 long2
qing long
ch`ing lung
ching lung
Black Dragon黒龍
koku ryuu / kokuryuu / koku ryuhēi lóng / hei1 long2 / hei long / heilonghei lung / heilung
Black Dragon玄龍
xuān lóng
xuan1 long2
xuan long
hsüan lung
Black Dragon墨龍
mò lóng / mo4 long2 / mo long / molongmo lung / molung
Blue Dragon 蒼龍
cāng lóng
cang1 long2
cang long
ts`ang lung
tsang lung
Water Dragon
Coiled Dragon
han ryuu / hanryuu / han ryupān lóng / pan1 long2 / pan long / panlongp`an lung / panlung / pan lung
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon臥虎藏龍
wò hǔ cáng lóng
wo4 hu3 cang2 long2
wo hu cang long
wo hu ts`ang lung
wo hu tsang lung
Flying Dragon Horse飛龍馬
hi ryuu me / hiryuume / hi ryu mefēi lóng mǎ
fei1 long2 ma3
fei long ma
fei lung ma
Dragon Fist龍拳
lóng quán
long2 quan2
long quan
lung ch`üan
lung chüan
The Spirit of the Dragon Horse龍馬精神
lóng mǎ jīng shén
long2 ma3 jing1 shen2
long ma jing shen
lung ma ching shen
The Spirit of the Dragon Horse and Power of a Tiger龍馬精神虎虎生威
lóng mǎ jīng shén hǔ hǔ shēng wēi
long2 ma3 jing1 shen2 hu3 hu3 sheng1 wei1
long ma jing shen hu hu sheng wei
lung ma ching shen hu hu sheng wei
Dragon Lady龍女
lóng nǚ / long2 nv3 / long nv / longnvlung nü / lungnü
Dragon and Phoenix龍鳳
ryuu hou / ryuuhou / ryu holóng fèng
long2 feng4
long feng
lung feng
Dragon and Phoenix Brings Luck 龍鳳呈祥
lóng fèng chéng xiáng
long2 feng4 cheng2 xiang2
long feng cheng xiang
lung feng ch`eng hsiang
lung feng cheng hsiang
Dragon Spirit龍魂
lóng hún / long2 hun2 / long hun / longhunlung hun / lunghun
Dragon Spirit龍神
ryuu jin / ryuujin / ryu jinlóng shén
long2 shen2
long shen
lung shen
The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger龍虎精神
ryu ko sei shin
lóng hǔ jīng shén
long2 hu3 jing1 shen2
long hu jing shen
lung hu ching shen
Dragon Warrior龍武士
ryuu bu shi
ryu bu shi
lóng wǔ shì
long2 wu3 shi4
long wu shi
lung wu shih
Dragon Warrior龍戰士
lóng zhàn shì
long2 zhan4 shi4
long zhan shi
lung chan shih
Dragon Warrior斗龍戰士
dòu lóng zhàn shì
dou4 long2 zhan4 shi4
dou long zhan shi
tou lung chan shih
Earth Dragon地龍
dì lóng / di4 long2 / di long / dilongti lung / tilung
Fire Dragon火龍
hi ryuu / hiryuu / hi ryuhuǒ lóng / huo3 long2 / huo long / huolonghuo lung / huolung
Flying Dragonténg / teng2 / tengt`eng / teng
Golden Dragon金龍
kin ryuu / kinryuu / kin ryujīn lóng / jin1 long2 / jin long / jinlongchin lung / chinlung
Green Dragon
Blue Dragon
sei ryū / seiryūqīng lóng
qing1 long2
qing long
ch`ing lung
ching lung
Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger藏龍臥虎
cáng lóng wò hǔ
cang2 long2 wo4 hu3
cang long wo hu
ts`ang lung wo hu
tsang lung wo hu
Little Dragon小龍
xiǎo lóng
xiao3 long2
xiao long
hsiao lung
Red Dragon赤龍
chì lóng / chi4 long2 / chi long / chilongch`ih lung / chihlung / chih lung
Red Dragon
Vermillion Dragon
zhū lóng / zhu1 long2 / zhu long / zhulongchu lung / chulung
Water Dragon
Rain Dragon
kou ryuu / kouryuu / ko ryujiāo
jiao1 long2
jiao long
chiao lung
The Way of the Dragon龍之道
lóng zhī dào
long2 zhi1 dao4
long zhi dao
lung chih tao
The Way of the Dragon猛龍過江
měng lóng guò jiāng
meng3 long2 guo4 jiang1
meng long guo jiang
meng lung kuo chiang
White Dragon白龍
bái lóng / bai2 long2 / bai long / bailongpai lung / pailung
Yellow Dragon黃龍
huáng lóng
huang2 long2
huang long
huang lung
Celestial Dragon
Tian Long
tenryuu / tenryutiān lóng
tian1 long2
tian long
t`ien lung
tien lung
Dragon Ball Kaiドラゴンボール改doragon bouru kai
doragon boru kai
Dragon Crane Tiger龍鶴虎
lóng hè hǔ
long2 he4 hu3
long he hu
lung ho hu
Celestial Dragon天竜人ten ryuu bito
ten ryu bito
Iron Dragon鐵龍
tiě lóng / tie3 long2 / tie long / tielongt`ieh lung / tiehlung / tieh lung
Dragon Quest勇者鬥惡龍系列
yǒng zhě dòu è lóng xì liè
yong3 zhe3 dou4 e4 long2 xi4 lie4
yong zhe dou e long xi lie
yung che tou o lung hsi lieh
Flying Dragon Karate-Do飛龍空手道
hi ryuu kara te dou
hi ryu kara te do
fēi lóng kòng shǒu dào
fei1 long2 kong4 shou3 dao4
fei long kong shou dao
fei lung k`ung shou tao
fei lung kung shou tao
Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts龍之魂武術
lóng zhī hún wǔ shù
long2 zhi1 hun2 wu3 shu4
long zhi hun wu shu
lung chih hun wu shu
The Five Animals龍蛇虎豹鶴
ryuu hebi tora hyou tsuru
ryu hebi tora hyo tsuru
lóng shé hǔ bào hè
long2 she2 hu3 bao4 he4
long she hu bao he
lung she hu pao ho
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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We also offer custom wall scrolls in small, medium, and an even-larger jumbo size.

A professional Chinese Calligrapher

Professional calligraphers are getting to be hard to find these days.
Instead of drawing characters by hand, the new generation in China merely type roman letters into their computer keyboards and pick the character that they want from a list that pops up.

There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

The same calligrapher who gave me those lessons also attracted a crowd of thousands and a TV crew as he created characters over 6-feet high. He happens to be ranked as one of the top 100 calligraphers in all of China. He is also one of very few that would actually attempt such a feat.

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