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Achievement / Accomplishment

chéng jiù
Achievement / Accomplishment Scroll

成就 is the word most often used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese to mean accomplishment or achievement.

成就 can also be used to mean success, attain a result, fulfillment, realization, or completion.

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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dé zhì
    de2 zhi4
te chih
Achievement / Accomplishment Scroll
to accomplish one's ambition; a dream come true; to enjoy success



see styles
jiàn xìng chéng fó
    jian4 xing4 cheng2 fo2
chien hsing ch`eng fo
    chien hsing cheng fo
 kenshō jōbutsu
to see one's own nature and (directly) accomplish buddhahood; to see one's own nature and (directly) accomplish buddhahood

see styles
 shuu / shu
at once; right away; only; just (emphasis); as early as; already; as soon as; then; in that case; as many as; even if; to approach; to move towards; to undertake; to engage in; to suffer; subjected to; to accomplish; to take advantage of; to go with (of foods); with regard to; concerning
(surname) Shuu
then, thereupon

see styles
to succeed; to finish; to complete; to accomplish; to become; to turn into; to be all right; OK!; one tenth
(personal name) Minoru
Complete, finish, perfect, become.; See under seven strokes; to accomplish


see styles
zuò dào
    zuo4 dao4
tso tao
to accomplish; to achieve


see styles
 sousu / sosu
(transitive verb) (1) (See 奏する) to report to the Emperor; (transitive verb) (2) to play (musical instrument); (transitive verb) (3) (See 功を奏する) to accomplish


see styles
wán chéng
    wan2 cheng2
wan ch`eng
    wan cheng
 kansei / kanse
to complete; to accomplish
(n,vs,vt,vi) completion; perfection; accomplishment; (given name) Kansei


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) (kana only) to build up; to establish; (2) (kana only) to form; to become (a state); (3) (kana only) to accomplish; to achieve; to succeed in; (4) (kana only) to change into; (5) (kana only) to do; to perform; (auxiliary verb) (6) (archaism) to intend to; to attempt; to try


see styles
chéng shì
    cheng2 shi4
ch`eng shih
    cheng shih
to accomplish the objective; to succeed
to succeed


see styles
chéng quán
    cheng2 quan2
ch`eng ch`üan
    cheng chüan
to help sb accomplish his aim; to help sb succeed; to complete; to make whole; to round off
(personal name) Narumasa


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to accomplish; to achieve; to carry out; to fulfill; to fulfil; to realize; to execute; to perform; to do; (suf,v5s) (2) to do ... completely; to do ... entirely


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) (kana only) to build up; to establish; (2) (kana only) to form; to become (a state); (3) (kana only) to accomplish; to achieve; to succeed in; (4) (kana only) to change into; (5) (kana only) to do; to perform; (auxiliary verb) (6) (archaism) to intend to; to attempt; to try



see styles
wéi chéng
    wei2 cheng2
wei ch`eng
    wei cheng
(surname) Tamenari
in order to accomplish; in order to accomplish



see styles
chēng suì
    cheng1 sui4
ch`eng sui
    cheng sui
to accomplish; to accomplish



see styles
shè fǎ
    she4 fa3
she fa
to try; to make an attempt; to think of a way (to accomplish something)



see styles
bàn dào
    ban4 dao4
pan tao
to accomplish; to get something done



see styles
bàn zú
    ban4 zu2
pan tsu
to accomplish; to accomplish


see styles
sù chéng
    su4 cheng2
su ch`eng
    su cheng
 sokusei / sokuse
crash (course); accelerated (process); quick (fix); instant (success); to achieve in a short time
(noun, transitive verb) rapid completion; intensive training
Speedily completed; accomplish rapidly


see styles
suì chéng
    sui4 cheng2
sui ch`eng
    sui cheng
achieve, carry out, accomplish; achieve, carry out, accomplish



see styles
dá chéng
    da2 cheng2
ta ch`eng
    ta cheng
 tassei / tasse
to reach (an agreement); to accomplish
(noun, transitive verb) achievement; attainment; accomplishment; realization; (given name) Tatsunari


see styles
jù chéng jiù
    ju4 cheng2 jiu4
chü ch`eng chiu
    chü cheng chiu
 ku jōshū
accomplish both together; accomplish both together


see styles
(transitive verb) to do; to commit; to accomplish; to achieve


see styles
(transitive verb) to do; to commit; to accomplish; to achieve


see styles
 sousuru / sosuru
(vs-s,vt) (1) to report to the Emperor; (vs-s,vt) (2) to play (musical instrument); (vs-s,vt) (3) (See 功を奏する) to accomplish


see styles
chéng shàng pǐn
    cheng2 shang4 pin3
ch`eng shang p`in
    cheng shang pin
 jō jōhon
to accomplish the highest level; to accomplish the highest level


see styles
chéng dà shì
    cheng2 da4 shi4
ch`eng ta shih
    cheng ta shih
 jō daiji
to accomplish great work; to accomplish great work


see styles
chéng pú tí
    cheng2 pu2 ti2
ch`eng p`u t`i
    cheng pu ti
 jō bodai
accomplish enlightenment; accomplish enlightenment


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to dispel; to clear away; to refresh (oneself); (2) to accomplish a goal; (3) (archaism) to make it sunny; to make clouds disappear


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to accomplish; to achieve; to carry out; to fulfill; to fulfil; to realize; to execute; to perform; to do; (suf,v5s) (2) to do ... completely; to do ... entirely



see styles
bàn bu dào
    ban4 bu5 dao4
pan pu tao
impossible; can't be done; no can do; unable to accomplish
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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
成就jouju / jojuchéng jiù
cheng2 jiu4
cheng jiu
ch`eng chiu
cheng chiu

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