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The name Azure in Chinese / Japanese...

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Blue Dragon / Azure Dragon

 qīng lóng
 sei ryuu
Blue Dragon / Azure Dragon Scroll

青龍 is a scholarly title for “Blue Dragon” or “Azure Dragon.”

You'll find this title used in ancient Chinese literature and astronomy. This dragon has dominion over the eastern sky or eastern heavens. The Azure Dragon is also noted for representing the spring season. Also seen as an auspicious omen.

Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty canonized the five colored dragons as “kings.” The Azure Dragon represents the most compassionate of kings.

In Japanese, this title is known with the same meaning but can also be a given name, Seiryuu or Seiryu.

Note, the first character can be written as 青 OR 靑. Same character, just two ways to write it.

Blue Dragon

 cāng lóng
Blue Dragon  Scroll

蒼龍 is one of a couple of possible titles for “blue dragon” (occasionally also translated as “green dragon”).

The first character means “deep blue” or “azure.”

The last character is dragon.

Green Dragon / Blue Dragon

 qīng lóng
 sei ryū
Green Dragon / Blue Dragon Scroll

靑龍 is a title that can mean blue or green dragon.

The first character can mean blue, green, azure, or celadon.

The second character means dragon.

This is mostly a Chinese title (especially in Buddhism). It will be understood but less commonly used in Japanese and Korean.

 shén lóng
 shenron / shinryuu
Shen Long Scroll

神龍 or Shen Long literally means “god dragon” or “divine dragon.”

神龍 is a spiritual dragon from Chinese mythology that controls wind, storms, clouds, and rain. Historically, farmers in China avoid offending this dragon, as it could result in a drought or flooding of their fields.

Shen Long has blue/azure scales and appears on the beautiful robes of some Chinese emperors.

Sometimes romanized as Shen Lung and sometimes written as 神竜 in Japan with the pronunciation of Shinryū or Shenron. It can also be a given name in Japan.

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Not the results for azure that you were looking for?

Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your azure search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
cāng lóng
    cang1 long2
ts`ang lung
    tsang lung
 souryuu / soryu

More info & calligraphy:

Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon, other name of the Azure Dragon 青龍|青龙 (the seven mansions of the east sky)
(1) blue dragon; (2) Azure Dragon (god said to rule over the eastern heavens); (3) (astron) seven mansions (Chinese constellations) of the eastern heavens; (4) large horse with a bluish-leaden coat; (5) shape of an old pine tree; (given name) Souryū

see styles
 sougai / sogai
blue-green or azure (of water); vast (of water); cold
(given name) Sougai

see styles
 souji / soji
dark blue; deep green; ash-gray
(n,adj-no,adj-na) (1) blue; (2) green; (3) (abbreviation) green light; (4) black (horse coat color); (prefix) (5) immature; unripe; young; (personal name) Souji
Azure; the heavens; grey, old.


see styles
sì xiàng
    si4 xiang4
ssu hsiang
 shishou / shisho
four divisions (of the twenty-eight constellations 二十八宿[er4 shi2 ba1 xiu4] of the sky into groups of seven mansions), namely: Azure Dragon 青龍|青龙[Qing1 long2], White Tiger 白虎[Bai2 hu3], Vermilion Bird 朱雀[Zhu1 que4], Black Tortoise 玄武[Xuan2 wu3]
four images; four symbols; four emblems; four phenomena; four phases; (given name) Shishou


see styles
 onaga; onaga
    おなが; オナガ
(1) (kana only) azure-winged magpie (Cyanopica cyana); (prefix) (2) long-tailed; (surname) Onaga



see styles
zhàn lán
    zhan4 lan2
chan lan



see styles
wǎ lán
    wa3 lan2
wa lan
(usu. of the sky) azure; bright blue


see styles
 shiraai; shiroai / shirai; shiroai
    しらあい; しろあい
pale cyan; pale azure


see styles
shí qīng
    shi2 qing1
shih ch`ing
    shih ching
azurite; copper azurite 2CuCO3-Cu(OH)2; azure blue


see styles
bì kōng
    bi4 kong1
pi k`ung
    pi kung
 hekikuu / hekiku
the blue sky
blue sky; azure sky; (female given name) Sora


see styles
(1) bluish cloud; (2) azure sky; blue sky; (given name) Hekiun


see styles
deep blue; azure; (personal name) Konpeki



see styles
cāng tiān
    cang1 tian1
ts`ang t`ien
    tsang tien
 souten / soten
(1) blue sky; azure sky; (2) spring sky; (female given name) Sora
blue sky


see styles
 souryuu / soryu
(1) blue dragon; (2) Azure Dragon (god said to rule over the eastern heavens); (3) (astron) seven mansions (Chinese constellations) of the eastern heavens; (4) large horse with a bluish-leaden coat; (5) shape of an old pine tree; (given name) Souryū


see styles
 soukou / soko
(noun - becomes adjective with の) blue and red; azure and crimson



see styles
wèi lán
    wei4 lan2
wei lan
azure; sky blue


see styles
pale cyan; pale azure


see styles
(adj-ku) (1) (archaism) blue; azure; (adj-ku) (2) (archaism) green; (adj-ku) (3) (archaism) (in ref. to facial colour) pale; gray; grey; (adj-ku) (4) (archaism) unripe; inexperienced


see styles
 seiryuu / seryu
(1) blue dragon (an auspicious creature in Chinese mythology); (2) Azure Dragon (god said to rule over the eastern heavens); (surname, given name) Seiryū



see styles
qīng lóng
    qing1 long2
ch`ing lung
    ching lung
 seiryuu / seryu
Azure Dragon, one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations, also known as the Azure Dragon of the East 東方青龍|东方青龙[Dong1 fang1 Qing1 long2] or 東方蒼龍|东方苍龙[Dong1 fang1 Cang1 long2]; (slang) man without pubic hair
(1) blue dragon (an auspicious creature in Chinese mythology); (2) Azure Dragon (god said to rule over the eastern heavens); (surname, given name) Seiryū


see styles
(1) (kana only) azure-winged magpie (Cyanopica cyana); (prefix) (2) long-tailed


see styles
wǔ dà sè
    wu3 da4 se4
wu ta se
 go daishiki
The five chief colours— yellow for earth, white for water, red for fire, black for wind, azure for space (or the sky). Some say white for wind and black for water.



see styles
bīng qié luó
    bing1 qie2 luo2
ping ch`ieh lo
    ping chieh lo
piṅgala, tawny; tr. as 蒼色 azure, grey.



see styles
tiān lán sè
    tian1 lan2 se4
t`ien lan se
    tien lan se



see styles
huī xǐ què
    hui1 xi3 que4
hui hsi ch`üeh
    hui hsi chüeh
(bird species of China) azure-winged magpie (Cyanopica cyanus)


see styles
 ruriiro / ruriro
lapis lazuli blue; bright blue; azure



see styles
cāng lóng kū
    cang1 long2 ku1
ts`ang lung k`u
    tsang lung ku
 sōryū kutsu
The cave of the azure or green dragon, where it lies curled over the talismanic pearl, which only a hero can obtain.



see styles
huī lán shān què
    hui1 lan2 shan1 que4
hui lan shan ch`üeh
    hui lan shan chüeh
(bird species of China) azure tit (Cyanistes cyanus)


see styles
 ajuuru / ajuru
(product) Azure (cloud computing platform run by Microsoft)



see styles
shí wǔ zūn guān yīn
    shi2 wu3 zun1 guan1 yin1
shih wu tsun kuan yin
 Jūgoson Kannon
The fifteen kinds of Guanyin's images—normal face, with thousand hands, horse's head, eleven faces, as Cundā (Marīci), with the 如意 talismanic wheel, net, white robe, leaf robe, moon, willow, fruit, as Tārā, with azure neck, and as Gandharāja.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Blue Dragon
Azure Dragon
青龍 / 靑龍
sei ryuu / seiryuu / sei ryuqīng lóng
qing1 long2
qing long
ch`ing lung
ching lung
Blue Dragon 蒼龍
cāng lóng
cang1 long2
cang long
ts`ang lung
tsang lung
Green Dragon
Blue Dragon
sei ryū / seiryūqīng lóng
qing1 long2
qing long
ch`ing lung
ching lung
Shen Long神龍shenron / shinryuu
shenron / shinryu
shén lóng
shen2 long2
shen long
shen lung
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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