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The Name Piper in Chinese / Japanese...

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pài pò
Piper Vertical Wall Scroll

派珀 is the name Piper in Chinese (Mandarin).

Piper Vertical Wall Scroll

パイパー is the name Piper in Japanese.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Piper派珀pài pò / pai4 po4 / pai po / paipop`ai p`o / paipo / pai po
Piperパイパーpaipaa / paipa

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 paipaa / paipa / パイパー
Piper Vertical Wall Scroll
(personal name) Piper

see styles
lóu / lou2
Arthemisia vulgaris; piper betel


see styles
 kaba / カバ (noun/participle) (1) cover (e.g. book); coverage; (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (2) to compensate for (a loss); to offset (a weakness); to back up; (3) kava (Piper methysticum); cava; kavakava; (4) cava; Spanish sparkling wine; (kana only) hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius); (kana only) birch (esp. Japanese white birch); (personal name) Cava



see styles
chuī xiāo / chui1 xiao1
ch`ui hsiao / chui hsiao
to play the xiao 簫|箫[xiao1] (mouth organ); to beg while playing pipes; cf politician Wu Zixu 伍子胥[Wu3 Zi3 xu1], c. 520 BC destitute refugee in Wu town, 吳市吹簫|吴市吹箫[Wu2 shi4 chui1 xiao1]; to busk; virtuoso piper wins a beauty, cf 玉人吹簫|玉人吹箫[yu4 ren2 chui1 xiao1]; (slang) fellatio; blowjob


see styles
 kinma;kinma / きんま;キンマ (kana only) betel (Piper betle)


see styles
 kaa / ka / カヴァ (noun/participle) (1) cover (e.g. book); coverage; (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (2) to compensate for (a loss); to offset (a weakness); to back up; (3) kava (Piper methysticum); cava; kavakava; (4) cava; Spanish sparkling wine; (personal name) Kava


see styles
 kinma / キンマ (kana only) betel (Piper betle)


see styles
chuī dí zhě / chui1 di2 zhe3
ch`ui ti che / chui ti che



see styles
dān bù luó / dan1 bu4 luo2
tan pu lo
耽餔羅 tāmbūla, betel, Piper Betel. Eitel says Djambalā, citrus acida.


see styles
 hihatsumodoki / ひはつもどき (kana only) Javanese long pepper (Piper retrofractum)



see styles
hú jiāo shǔ / hu2 jiao1 shu3
hu chiao shu
pepper genus (Piper spp.)


see styles
 nagakoshou;nagakoshou / nagakosho;nagakosho / ながこしょう;ナガコショウ (kana only) Indian long pepper (Piper longum); longpepper


see styles
 fuutoukazura;fuutoukazura / futokazura;futokazura / ふうとうかずら;フウトウカズラ (kana only) Japanese pepper (Piper kadsura)


see styles
 kurokoshou / kurokosho / くろこしょう black pepper (Piper nigrum)


see styles
 hihatsumodoki / ヒハツもどき (kana only) Javanese long pepper (Piper retrofractum)


see styles
 pipaazu / pipazu / ピパーズ (rkb:) Javanese long pepper (Piper retrofractum)


see styles
 pipaachi / pipachi / ピパーチ (rkb:) Javanese long pepper (Piper retrofractum)


see styles
 pipaatsu / pipatsu / ピパーツ (rkb:) Javanese long pepper (Piper retrofractum)


see styles
 piipaa / pipa / ピーパー (personal name) Pieper; Piper



see styles
yù rén chuī xiāo / yu4 ren2 chui1 xiao1
yü jen ch`ui hsiao / yü jen chui hsiao
virtuoso piper wins a beauty; the xiao 箫 (mouth organ) virtuoso 萧史 won for his wife the beautiful daughter of Duke Mu of Qin 秦穆公


see styles
 piiyashi / piyashi / ピィーヤシ (rkb:) Javanese long pepper (Piper retrofractum)


see styles
 kurokoshou / kurokosho / くろこしょう black pepper (Piper nigrum)


see styles
 kurokoshou / kurokosho / くろコショウ black pepper (Piper nigrum)


see styles
 kaa;kaba / ka;kaba / カヴァ;カバ (1) kava (Piper methysticum); cava; kavakava; (2) (See エスプモーソ) cava; Spanish sparkling wine


see styles
 kurokoshou / kurokosho / クロコショウ black pepper (Piper nigrum)


see styles
 nagakoshou / nagakosho / ナガコショウ (kana only) Indian long pepper (Piper longum); longpepper


see styles
 hihatsumodoki / ヒハツモドキ (kana only) Javanese long pepper (Piper retrofractum)


see styles
 nengunoosamedoki / ねんぐのおさめどき (expression) time to pay the piper; time to pay the land tax (in kind)


see styles
 fuutoukazura / futokazura / フウトウカズラ (kana only) Japanese pepper (Piper kadsura)


see styles
 hihatsumodoki(畢撥擬);hihatsumodoki(hihatsu擬);hihatsumodoki / ひはつもどき(畢撥擬);ヒハツもどき(ヒハツ擬);ヒハツモドキ (kana only) Javanese long pepper (Piper retrofractum)

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