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Courageous in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Bravery / Courage

  2. Courageous Spirit

  3. Flying Tigers

  4. Fortune favors the brave

  5. No Fear

  6. Fortune Favors the Bold

Bravery / Courage

Courage in the face of Fear

 yǒng gǎn
 yuu kan
Bravery / Courage Scroll

勇敢 is about courage or bravery in the face of fear.

You do the right thing even when it is hard or scary. When you are courageous, you don't give up. You try new things. You admit mistakes. This kind of courage is the willingness to take action in the face of danger and peril.

勇敢 can also be translated as braveness, valor, heroic, fearless, boldness, prowess, gallantry, audacity, daring, dauntless, and/or courage in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. This version of bravery/courage can be an adjective or a noun. The first character means bravery and courage by itself. The second character means “daring” by itself. The second character emphasizes the meaning of the first but adds the idea that you are not afraid of taking a dare, and you are not afraid of danger.

勇敢 is more about brave behavior and not so much the mental state of being brave. You'd more likely use this to say, “He fought courageously in the battle,” rather than “He is very courageous.”

Bravery / Courage

Courageous Energy

 yǒng qì
Bravery / Courage Scroll

勇氣 is one of several ways to express bravery and courage in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

This version is the most spiritual. This is the essence of bravery from deep within your being. This is the mental state of being brave versus actual brave behavior. You'd more likely use this to say, “He is very courageous,” rather than “He fought courageously in the battle.”

The first character also means bravery or courage when it's seen alone. With the second character added, an element of energy or spirit is added. The second character is the same “chi” or “qi” energy that Kung Fu masters focus on when they strike. For this reason, you could say this means “spirit of courage” or “brave spirit.”

This is certainly a stronger word than just the first character alone.

Beyond bravery or courage, dictionaries also translate this word as valor/valour, nerve, audacity, daring, pluck, plucky, gallantry, guts, gutsy, and boldness.

This is also one of the 8 key concepts of tang soo do.

Japanese 気 While the version shown to the left is commonly used in Chinese and Korean Hanja (and ancient Japanese Kanji), please note that the second character is written with slightly fewer strokes in modern Japanese. If you want the modern Japanese version, please click on the character to the right. Both styles would be understood by native Chinese, Japanese, and many (but not all) Korean people. You should make your selection based on the intended audience for your calligraphy artwork. Or pick the single-character form of bravery/courage which is universal.

Courageous Spirit

 gǔ qì
Courageous Spirit Scroll

骨氣 is a Chinese title that means “unyielding character,” “courageous spirit,” “integrity,” or “moral backbone.”

Flying Tigers

 fēi hǔ
Flying Tigers Scroll

飛虎 is the short, or rather, Korean title of the “Flying Tigers.”

This short title is not very often used in China but is a title used in Korea. When the Flying Tigers volunteers were in China, Korea was also occupied by Japanese forces. Because many Korean civilians were enslaved and killed at the hands of the Japanese soldiers, any group that fought against the Japanese at that time was held in high esteem by the Korean people.

Note: I suggest the other 3-character entry since this group was so strongly related to China.

飛虎 is also used as an adjective in Korean to describe a courageous person.

Fortune favors the brave

 yuusha ha kouun ni megumareru
Fortune favors the brave Scroll

勇者は幸運に恵まれる is a Japanese proverb that suggests that in history, the brave or courageous tend to be the ones who win.

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

No Fear

(2 characters)

 wú wèi
No Fear Scroll

無畏 literally means “No Fear.” But perhaps not the most natural Chinese phrase (see our other “No Fear” phrase for a complete thought). However, this two-character version of “No Fear” seems to be a very popular way to translate this into Chinese when we checked Chinese Google.

Note: This also means “No Fear” in Japanese and Korean, but this character pair is not often used in Japan or Korea.

This term appears in various Chinese dictionaries with definitions like “without fear,” intrepidity, fearless, dauntless, and bold.

In the Buddhist context, this is a word derived from the word Abhaya, meaning: Fearless, dauntless, secure, nothing, and nobody to fear. Also, from vīra meaning: courageous, bold.

See Also:  Never Give Up | No Worries | Undaunted | Bravery | Courage | Fear No Man

Fortune Favors the Bold

 xìng yùn juàn gù yǒng gǎn de rén
Fortune Favors the Bold Scroll

幸运眷顾勇敢的人 can be translated as “Fortune favors the brave/bold/courageous” in Chinese.

These search terms might be related to Courageous:

Brave Heart

Brave the Waves

Brave Warrior

Fearless / Daring

Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune Favors the Brave

Gutsy / Daring / Bold

Swift Fierce and Daring

The Brave Have No Fears

Not the results for courageous that you were looking for?

Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your courageous search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
 yuu / yu

More info & calligraphy:

Bravery / Courage
(See 勇気) bravery; courage; heroism; (personal name) Yūji
Brave, bold, courageous, fearless.


see styles
yǒng gǎn
    yong3 gan3
yung kan
 yuukan / yukan

More info & calligraphy:

Bravery / Courage
brave; courageous
(adjectival noun) brave; heroic; gallant



see styles
wú wèi
    wu2 wei4
wu wei

More info & calligraphy:

No Fear
{Buddh} fearlessness; confidence when preaching; (given name) Mui
abhaya. Fearless, dauntless, secure, nothing and nobody to fear; also vīra, courageous, bold.



see styles
gǔ qì
    gu3 qi4
ku ch`i
    ku chi

More info & calligraphy:

Courageous Spirit
unyielding character; courageous spirit; integrity; moral backbone

see styles
courageous; valiant

see styles
courageous; resolute and daring


see styles
(noun or adjectival noun) admirable; commendable; praiseworthy; laudable; brave; heroic; noble; courageous



see styles
yǒng jué
    yong3 jue2
yung chüeh
 yuuketsu / yuketsu
decisive; brave
(noun/participle) decisiveness
courageous and decisive


see styles
 yuumai / yumai
(adjectival noun) heroic; courageous



see styles
hǎo hàn
    hao3 han4
hao han
 koukan / kokan
hero; strong and courageous person; CL:條|条[tiao2]
fine fellow


see styles
áng cáng
    ang2 cang2
ang ts`ang
    ang tsang
tall and strongly built; stalwart; courageous


see styles
guǒ gǎn
    guo3 gan3
kuo kan
courageous; resolute and daring
(noun or adjectival noun) resolute; determined; bold


see styles
 kijou / kijo
(noun or adjectival noun) stout-hearted; firm; courageous; brave; tough


see styles
 mousei; mouzei / mose; moze
    もうせい; もうぜい
(1) (archaism) (usu. もうせい) great strength; (2) (archaism) courageous army; valiant troops


see styles
 moushou / mosho
brave general; brave warrior; courageous general; (given name) Moushou



see styles
dú dǎn
    du2 dan3
tu tan
individually courageous



see styles
yì yǒng
    yi4 yong3
i yung
 giyuu / giyu
courageous in fighting for a just cause
heroism; loyalty and courage; (male given name) Yoshitoshi



see styles
dǎn qì
    dan3 qi4
tan ch`i
    tan chi
courageous; bold


see styles
(1) (kana only) warrior; soldier; (2) (kana only) courageous person; strong person



see styles
yǒu dǎn liàng
    you3 dan3 liang4
yu tan liang


see styles
 kijoubu / kijobu
(noun or adjectival noun) (1) reassuring; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) (See 気丈) stout-hearted; firm; courageous; brave; tough


see styles
 isamashii / isamashi
(adjective) (1) brave; valiant; gallant; courageous; (adjective) (2) stirring; vigorous; rousing


see styles
kǒng wǔ yǒu lì
    kong3 wu3 you3 li4
k`ung wu yu li
    kung wu yu li
courageous and strong (idiom); Herculean (physique etc)



see styles
gǎn zuò gǎn dāng
    gan3 zuo4 gan3 dang1
kan tso kan tang
daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it; a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions; the buck stops here



see styles
gǎn dǎ gǎn chōng
    gan3 da3 gan3 chong1
kan ta kan ch`ung
    kan ta kan chung
courageous and daring



see styles
qì chōng xiāo hàn
    qi4 chong1 xiao1 han4
ch`i ch`ung hsiao han
    chi chung hsiao han
(idiom) dauntless; courageous; spirited


see styles
qì chōng xiāo hàn
    qi4 chong1 xiao1 han4
ch`i ch`ung hsiao han
    chi chung hsiao han
(idiom) dauntless; courageous; spirited



see styles
dú dǎn yīng xióng
    du2 dan3 ying1 xiong2
tu tan ying hsiung
bold and courageous hero (idiom)



see styles
bǐng xìng yǒng jué
    bing3 xing4 yong3 jue2
ping hsing yung chüeh
 honshō yōketsu
courageous disposition


see styles
 tandaishinshou / tandaishinsho
(expression) (yoji) being bold and courageous, but also careful and meticulous

Click here for more courageous results from our dictionary

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
勇敢yuu kan / yuukan / yu kanyǒng gǎn / yong3 gan3 / yong gan / yongganyung kan / yungkan
勇气 / 勇気
yuuki / yukiyǒng qì / yong3 qi4 / yong qi / yongqiyung ch`i / yungchi / yung chi
Courageous Spirit骨氣
gǔ qì / gu3 qi4 / gu qi / guqiku ch`i / kuchi / ku chi
Flying Tigers飛虎
fēi hǔ / fei1 hu3 / fei hu / feihu
Fortune favors the brave勇者は幸運に恵まれるyuusha ha kouun ni megumareru
yusha ha koun ni megumareru
No Fear無畏
muiwú wèi / wu2 wei4 / wu wei / wuwei
Fortune Favors the Bold幸運眷顧勇敢的人
xìng yùn juàn gù yǒng gǎn de rén
xing4 yun4 juan4 gu4 yong3 gan3 de ren2
xing yun juan gu yong gan de ren
hsing yün chüan ku yung kan te jen
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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